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Builder Stories

Epcon Franchise Builders are a diverse group of people with a shared passion for creating beautiful homes and wanting to be leaders in their local markets. The best way to understand the benefits of becoming an Epcon Franchise Builder is hearing first hand from other builders like you.

Custom Builder to Large Regional Builder

Scott Lehner, co-owner of Kansas-based Perfection Builders, has been an Epcon Franchise Builder since 2007. His history with Epcon perfectly showcases how the Epcon homebuilding franchise model can help small volume home builders grow their business. 

“I don’t know that most builders have the resources, both financial and manpower, to develop a system like the Epcon way. It helps you leap forward very quickly.”

Left Corporate America to Build Homes

Pat Mckee, founder of McKee Homes in Fayetteville, North Carolina, had a career in corporate America leading marketing and sales teams within the construction industry, but had no direct experience in homebuilding. After hearing about the Epcon brand and seeing the momentum of Epcon Communities within the Columbus and Charlotte markets, Pat joined the Epcon Franchise Builder network in 2007. Since then, Mckee Homes has built over 600 homes and has become a large regional builder in North Carolina.

“It’s access to sharing information that my local competitors don’t have. The local home builders don’t have access to world class sales training like I do, to world class marketing, to sharing of building practices among franchisees all across the country.”

A Family Business

Steve Delin has always had an entrepreneurial spirit but was working within the healthcare sector before forming a joint partnership with his brother, a custom home builder, to form Integrity Group and become Franchise Builders in 2012. Steve and his brother recognized the shortage of housing for 55+ active adults looking to downsize. Integrity Group is evolving from a small business to a expanding family enterprise by focusing on the market in the Dallas, Texas.

“The reason why we decided to go with Epcon is that we saw progress with the two Epcon properties in Dallas. We were looking at the aspect of mitigating our risk. It was an opportunity to look at Epcon, and the long track record they’ve achieved.”

Banker Turned Home Builder

Paul and Lisa Scarmazzi, Epcon Franchise Builders and owners of Scarmazzi Homes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have built over 500 homes within 8 Epcon Communities since 2000. Paul was previously a banker in the financial industry, but gravitated to a more fulfilling career which he found with homebuilding.

“Strategic vision is key. Epcon is spot on with the strategic vision and support that they provide. That allows for so many different things.”

Architect Turned Community Developer

Dave Labus, who hailed from the world of architecture, gets to scratch his creative itch building the beautiful, light-flooded Courtyard Series homes in the suburb of West Chester, just outside of Cincinnati. David says he really enjoys getting clients “from A to Z” and watching the pleasure of customers when he hands them the keys to their dream homes.

“I get up in the morning, and I do something in life that I love to do,” Dave says. “I mean, isn’t that really what it’s all about? It’s rewarding because it is meeting a need that not just anybody is able to meet. You can be really proud of the homes, because the designs are so unique. If these things weren’t licensed, there might be other guys trying to build this very same thing.”

Owning His Local Market

For over 20 years, Craig Crossley, owner of Crosstown Properties, has been developing Epcon Communities in Springfield, Ohio. Craig had first-hand knowledge of the homebuilding business in Ohio and saw an opportunity to build on the brand recognition of Epcon Communities. He joined as a Franchise Builder after assessing various franchise business models, the Epcon product, and various builders across the country and knowing Epcon’s business system was the most innovative he’d seen.

“I haven’t seen a builder or competitor put on the market as good of product as this with as good of value as this,” says Craig. “In fact, my wife and I are going to move into a home on one of the sites we’re building.”

How Brothers Found Success Together

The Neer brothers took their twin sets of skills in sales and building and staked out a claim in Indianapolis. Larry sells while Terry attends to the construction and subcontractors.

“I wanted to take advantage of Epcon’s expertise,” Terry said. “They do the architectural research. They build the homes to make sure that they work and that they work well. Then they release those home plans to us along with all of the marketing materials, the websites, the advertising, all of that stuff put together. We build communities that offer an experience that you cannot get from any other builder. They don’t just offer you a design and say go build somewhere. It is a total package.”

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