What We Offer / Real Estate Development and Home Building

Develop communities and build new homes with speed and quality.

We’ve developed a turnkey process for developing communities and building new homes that meet the unique needs of the 55+ market.

Scale your operations and production capacity

We can help you grow your business by giving you the tools, process and support to develop communities using our scalable and repeatable home building model.

Reduce uncertainty with rigorous development processes

Our detailed plan specs, construction schedules and quality assurance procedures keep you on schedule.

Build a home in as little as 110 days

Our plans allow you to build faster than the industry average for developments with more than 20 units.

Our in-depth tools and resources will help you create efficiencies to scale up faster.

Extensive support

We provide comprehensive support covering amenity, model and inventory construction.

Comprehensive model

Attend our construction orientation program and receive access to our business blueprint.

Increase accuracy

Utilize our QualityMark, punchout and turnover processes to increase accuracy and efficiency.

Nationwide benefits

Take advantage of our national accounts program with volume discounts and streamlined rebate process.

Business protection

Take advantage of our internal warranty program.

Save time and resources

Save time and resources with our streamlined rebate process, where we coordinate all necessary paperwork so you get a single payment from all suppliers.

Streamline processes

Utilize our standard scopes of work to streamline subcontractor processes.

Epcon Communities, The Courtyards at Andrews Chapel — Raleigh, NC

“We build hundreds of homes a year, so we’re a little more mature in the field, but we’re still learning a lot from Epcon.”

Mark Marquess — Riverwood Homes
Fayetteville, AK

“I’d always thought about doing communities. Just felt like I didn’t have the experience or the know how to get into something that large, and Epcon paved that way.”

Khurram Baig — Baig Development
Detroit, MI

“Developing communities, with the ability to control the process, you have the opportunity to do more with less.”

Chad Weaver — Weaver Homes
Pittsburgh, PA