What We Offer / Marketing Resources and Strategy

Reach your target market with tailored marketing materials.

There’s an art and a science to home builder marketing, and we’ll help you strike a chord with your buyers.

Access professional marketing assets and campaigns

We provide marketing campaigns and materials that are ready to be implemented, helping you get through zoning as well as creating interest for pre-sales.

Learn the strategy behind our marketing process

We often say we’re a marketing company before we’re a home builder. We’ll share the strategies necessary to marketing Epcon homes and communities.

Collaborate with 80+ other home builders

We host an annual conference and quarterly roundtables to share marketing best practices across our network of builders.

We’ve created a suite of marketing tools, training and resources to help you attract buyers.


We build web pages for your new community that are optimized for search engines.

Virtual tours

Take your buyers on a tour of your homes from the comfort of theirs.

Network of marketers

You’ll never go it alone because you’ll have a cohort of other home builder marketers who are working to promote the same product as you.

Floor plans and renderings

We provide the floor plans and base renderings for our home models for you to utilize throughout the life of your community.

Design templates

Marketing files that are ready to go with a few minor tweaks to fit your business and market.

Photography and videography

Before you’ve built anything, you’ll have ample resources that showcase Epcon homes and the lifestyle of the communities.

Search engine optimization

We help you get found in organic search results across the web.

“I’m not great at marketing, that’s our weakness. But Epcon is and this is just one of the many benefits that Franchise Builders receive.”

Andy Dreyfuss — Nova Triad Homes
Winston-Salem, NC

“EpconConnect has everything you can look for, marketing materials, pictures, videos. Don’t think you can wing it and make it happen. The resources are there, it’s for a reason. I can’t stress that enough.”

Lloyd Pullappallil — ROC Homes
Houston, TX

“All of the marketing, the floor plans, the Matterports, the video tours, those have been essential, especially because we don’t have a model up yet.”

Allison Moore — Twentieth Century Construction
Cleveland, OH

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