What We Offer / Land Acquisition and Development

Acquire and develop the right piece of land for your next home building project.

Whether you’re looking for land or have some identified already, we’ll help you stay ahead of the land learning curve, saving you time.

Know your market and target demographic inside and out

Epcon provides detailed market analysis looking at population trends, competition and demographics in the area.

Find an A+ location for your community

We help you pinpoint locations that are priced for the communities and homes that we build.

Get through zoning quickly to start developing in as little as 4 to 18 months

We’ll provide support along the way to help with zoning challenges through engineering checklists, grading plans and sanitary designs.

We’ll help you understand what’s ahead.

Buyer motivations

The 55+ demographic increasingly wants to be in an area close to their kids and grandkids.

Comprehensive land plan

Guidance on proformas, purchase agreements and zoning.

Infrastructure assessment

We’ll help you analyze topography, wetlands, streams and utilities to make sure the infrastructure is there or can be easily added.

Common pitfalls

From permitting through final engineering, we advise you of pitfalls or challenges that are often overlooked or missed.

“Finding land is the key to getting the first project going. That’s where the support from Epcon has been crucial. As someone who’s never done the horizontal side of home building, you don’t know what you don’t know. You’re making a significant investment and you want to do it right, and not make a big mistake.”

Bruce Carrell — Carrell Group
Myrtle Beach, SC

“Surround yourself with some folks that have done it before and get advice from them.”

John Cook — Cook Bros. Homes
Knoxville, TN

“Strategic vision is key. Epcon is spot on with the strategic vision and support that they provide. That allows for so many different things.”

Paul and Lisa Scarmazzi — Scarmazzi Homes
Houston, PA