What We Offer / Purchasing and National Accounts

Think like a big builder and purchase like one, too.

Work alongside our experts to implement the purchasing standards and best practices large builders live by.

Take advantage of a national accounts program

Epcon offers a national accounts program with a group of manufacturers and suppliers that offer competitive pricing and rebates.

Implement industry standards and best practices

Using our step-by-step process, you can streamline your purchasing program.

Compare costs with builders around the country

Connect with like-minded builders to share strategies and raw data on costs.

Leverage a nationwide network to start your home building project on the right foot.

Network of purchasing professionals

Talk with other purchasing specialists around the country who are building the same product as you.

Competitive pricing on materials

Negotiate with confidence knowing you have the support of a top builder.

National cost data

Utilize cost data from around the country to be as precise and accurate in your bidding as possible.

Preferred account partners

Take advantage of longstanding relationships to get the materials, and sometimes labor, you use to build every home.

National Accounts Partners

Our national accounts partners are carefully reviewed and chosen based on the quality and value they provide.

“Advice I would give to a new Franchise Builder coming in, first of all, is just do it. It just makes sense in terms of all the assets that are available to you. The second thing is, definitely lean into the help.”

Allison Moore — Twentieth Century Construction
Cleveland, OH

“Epcon has been doing this for 35+ years. The company and their systems have even evolved since we originally came onboard in 2018. Just because you have been in the construction industry for years, doesn’t mean you don’t need Epcon’s expertise.”

Glenna Wilson — Charis Homes
North Canton, OH

“Strategic vision is key. Epcon is spot on with the strategic vision and support that they provide. That allows for so many different things.”

Paul and Lisa Scarmazzi — Scarmazzi Homes
Houston, PA