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Posted Nov 1st, 2016

Epcon Franchise Builders Foster Sense of Community

By building communities that encourage socialization with neighbors, Epcon Franchise Builders put the “community” in Epcon Communities.

On the first Saturday of every month, John Wahlen tries to make it for coffee and donuts at one his Epcon communities. The feel-good aspect is priceless, says the owner of Cornerstone Development of Southeast Wisconsin. “You see friendships that are a result of what you built: the walking club, the card clubs. I take great gratification in looking at all that and knowing that I made a difference,” says Wahlen, who builds Epcon communities in metropolitan Milwaukee.

Epcon Franchise Homeowners Socializing
Epcon Franchise Builders build homes with plenty of room for socializing and develops communities with common areas and amenities such as exercise rooms and pools that draw people together to create a sense of community.

Wahlen’s experience is one that many Epcon Franchise Builders share. They are building more than houses; they are crafting communities which bring people together, and builders and buyers are often part of one extended family.

Epcon specializes in low-maintenance, ranch-style homes that appeal to a wide demographic but are especially attractive to the 55+ set, who according to a Metrostudy report, comprise the majority (52%) of new home buyers. Epcon’s popular house plans are copyrighted and have accessible features so homeowners can enjoy peace of mind should their needs change down the road.

Epcon builds more than just a house

Caryl Dierksen is one of these satisfied homeowners. She moved to Maples at the Sonatas, an Epcon community in Woodstock, IL, in 2010. When Dierksen first moved to the neighborhood developed by Jamie Wilcox, an Epcon Franchise Builder, there were just 25 residents. The community has since blossomed with Dierksen working as Resident Trustee and helping to foster a sense of togetherness.

Epcon Franchising Caryl Dierksen At Christmas Celebration
Caryl Dierksen, center, at a Christmas celebration in
Maples at the Sonatas, an Epcon community in Woodstock, IL.

Dierksen was recognized in 2015 with the Epcon Communities’ Lifestyle Ambassador Award for her active participation in community events including book clubs, potlucks and the like. She is grateful that Epcon Franchise Builders lay the foundation for a vibrant community. “Epcon provides us everything we need,” she says, “We have the common areas and the clubhouse is cool. It’s up to the homeowners, too, to continue the process of turning the homes into a community.”

Epcon homebuyers like Dierksen especially appreciate that Franchise Builders are invested in the community and are ready to lend a helping hand. “The Wilcox staff are like neighbors in my community. When someone is sick, they ask what they need. If we can’t get our Christmas lights down, someone who works there will help,” she says.

Epcon communities encourage active lifestyles

The sense of togetherness that Dierksen and Whalen love about Epcon draws homebuyers and Franchise Builders alike to the brand. Epcon Communities Franchising Inc. is the 40th-largest home builder in the U.S. and the 22nd-largest privately owned homebuilding company in the country (Builder Magazine, May 2016), and Epcon Franchise Builders leverage the company’s 30 years of experience in the homebuilding business to develop communities where people like Caryl Dierksen want to buy a home.

Epcon Communities’ open floor plans and community amenities such as pools, clubhouses, and pavilions are created to foster a sense of community. And since chores like lawn-mowing and raking are taken care of, homebuyers have more time to nurture relationships in an Epcon community.

A sense of pride from developing a community where people want to live, is its own kind of satisfaction for an Epcon Franchise Builder. In fact, Kim Kreidler Thonn an Epcon Franchise Builder from West Lafayette, IN, moved into a home in one of the Epcon communities she built. “I tell our buyers when they come in…the house lives large and it lives small at the same time. I couldn’t do that if I didn’t live in one. I could sell it all day long but there’s a difference when you are selling it from what you know personally and from your heart,” Thonn says.

Investigate the Epcon franchise opportunity

Epcon invites small to medium-sized homebuilders to become part of the homebuilding franchise and leverage Epcon’s 30 years of experience in homebuilding and 20 years of experience in franchising to enhance their business.

Epcon provides Franchise Builders with the formula to quickly develop and build entire communities where people want to live. Franchise Builders have access to marketing materials, community development plans, copyrighted and proven floor plans, project management templates, vendor and labor intelligence and more.

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