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Why is the Epcon Home Building Franchise Perfectly Positioned for Today’s Housing Market? CNBC Explains

CNBC article talks of housing shortage for retirees and how smart builders are taking notice.

Columbus CEO Magazine Shines Light on Epcon Communities Franchising

Columbus CEO magazine shines light on the successes of Epcon Communities Franchising in talking with the company’s thought leaders.

New Home Sales to 55+ Buyers Leading Market Recovery

As they are entering or nearing retirement, Baby Boomers are looking for a lifestyle change. With more financial security than younger generations, they also have the ability to purchase the home they want.

So…is franchise home building really a thing?

When you hear the word “franchise”, you probably think of a fast food chain, retail store, hotel, or maybe a fitness center. Does the idea of a home building franchise even come to mind?

260,000 Baby Boomers Might Not Be Able to Find a New Home

Income, age, presence of children, homeownership rate, cost of living and urbanicity affect the rankings of the top housing deficit markets. These markets might have a projected housing gap, but many of them also have economic diversity, strong tourism and a well-educated workforce that can support a growing housing market.

Epcon looking to Arizona to expand franchise homebuilding model

Epcon Communities Franchising, Inc. (Epcon) announced that it actively seeks individuals interested in becoming a franchise home builder in the Phoenix area.

Texas named ideal market for Epcon homebuilding franchise expansion

Epcon’s solution to address the Texas boomer housing gap is a franchise model that provides individuals the opportunity to build and develop low maintenance, single-story condominium homes designed to meet the unique lifestyle of older, active adults.

New Epcon Community Achieves 46 Percent Pre-Sale Rate Before Groundbreaking

Epcon Communties, Inc. is the 36th Largest U.S. Homebuilder and one of the leading developers and franchisors of condominium developments in the United States.

Epcon’s Five Keys to Successful Baby Boomer Appeal in Housing

In 1995, the growing Ohio-based builder established the Epcon Communities Franchising company. Ranked as the nation’s 36th largest homebuilder in 2013, Epcon Franchising now supports 71 franchisees with 107 actively selling communities in 19 states.