How Much Can I Make Developing Communities?

Why an Epcon homebuilding franchise might be the smartest way to launch a development

One of the reasons Franchise Builders work with Epcon is to tap into our more than three decades of experience developing property, choosing land and crunching numbers to increase the odds of a solid return on investment.

Epcon home builder profit varies by a number of factors. Epcon and Franchise Builders share data to help everyone in the system make more profitable decisions.

Ultimately — as is always the case in real estate — location is crucial. Location not only helps determine the popularity of a development, it also plays a huge role in determining the cost to develop homes — and not just because of variability in land prices.

Zoning rules, permitting costs, impact fees and other municipal issues play a big role in determining the total cost of developing a neighborhood, as do local labor rates and lenders’ financing terms.

These costs, combined with the local real estate market, determine the profitability of your Epcon community. Because there are so many variables, we do not provide an estimate of the revenue or income you may earn in the development and marketing of your Epcon project.

Instead, we invite you to speak with our Franchise Builders directly.

Once you begin investigating Epcon and we have established that you are interested in potentially joining our business, and that we would like to do business with you, we will provide you a list of Franchise Builders who can share the details about their project costs and their ultimate bottom line.

If you become a franchisee, we will help you understand our materials and labor costs in various communities nationwide, the metrics we use to manage projects and the bottom-line results.

One of the best parts of being an Epcon Franchise Builder is the wealth of information that is available from our corporate team as well as from other Franchise Builders. Our combined market intel helps us sharpen each other’s businesses while developing communities customers love.

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