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Posted Aug 9th, 2016

Increasing Number of Households, Good News for Epcon Franchise Builders

Epcon’s low-maintenance, ranch-style homes meet growing demand.

Growth in the nation’s adult population will drive significant household growth over the next decade and beyond,” according to the State of Housing: 2016 report by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, which says the real estate market for senior housing continues to be on fire.

The rising number of older buyers creates an opportunity for home builders and developers prepared to meet the demand for low-maintenance homes.

Epcon homes meet growing demand

According to the State of Housing: 2016 report, “demographic forces alone will drive the addition of more than 13 million households from 2015 to 2025. Much of this growth will occur among the retirement-aged population, with the number of households age 70 and over projected to soar by over 8 million, or more than 40 percent. These increases will lift the share of older households from 16 percent in 2015 to about 21 percent in 2025.”

According to U.S. census data, the 65+ demographic is the fastest growing in the country. The effects of this demographic shift are twofold. One, older buyers are expected to play a huge role in home sales over the next decade. Two, since retirement age buyers typically plan to stay in their homes, the Joint Center for Housing Studies expects lower turnover of existing homes, driving the need for new construction.

As per a Metrostudy report, 55+ buyers will comprise the largest (52%) percentage of new home buyers. Epcon builds homes that appeal to these consumers.

Epcon is the 40th Largest Home Builder and the 22nd Largest Private Home builder (Builder Magazine, May 2016) and has 30 years of experience in homebuilding and 20 years in franchising. Epcon Franchise Builders leverage Epcon’s proven processes to build homes more efficiently and with a faster ROI. In other words, Epcon Franchise Builders are positioned with the right tools to take advantage of this market demand.

How to appeal to older home buyers

Epcon invests significant resources and effort in up-to-date studies of the residential home buyer. This allows even relatively small home builders to leverage Epcon’s research and marketing systems to become a larger regional player.

Eye-level view of an open-style living room and breakfast area with an alcove in between an office and bonus room.
Epcon Franchise Builders follow proven processes and systems to build homes that buyers want to buy. The copyrighted open floor plans factor in accessibility and take into account the various life stages of home buyers.

The State of Housing: 2016 report finds thatolder households that…move likely will seek units that are smaller and less costly to maintain.” This conclusion underscores Epcon’s internal market research which shows that the 55+ demographic is looking for low-maintenance homes that allow time for an active lifestyle.

Epcon’s single-story, ranch-style homes are low-maintenance with many home chores such as lawn-mowing and raking taken care of. Epcon’s copyrighted open floor plans are based on market research and factor in room for entertaining and socializing while also keeping accessibility in mind for later years.

A view of a small get-together. Foregrounds is of a woman sitting on a couch, in front of a window, talking to a man in an armchair. Outside the window, four people have gathered.
Epcon’s low-maintenance homes leave time for activities that home buyers want to do such as entertaining.

An Epcon home is a long-term investment that is affordable and appeals to home buyers. Epcon Franchise Builders leverage the tools and processes of an established homebuilding company to make significant inroads in a booming residential market segment.

As forecasts show, there is plenty of room for nimble homebuilders with the right strategies to capitalize on unmet demand.

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