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Posted Jul 5th, 2016

Epcon Communities “Freedom Tour” Raises Money for Veterans

Partnership with Columbus Honor Flight raises money for veterans while promoting low-maintenance aspect of Epcon homes.


Emphasizing the easy living component of its ranch-style homes, Epcon Communities launched its second annual “Freedom Tour” marketing campaign with a series of television ads and postcards encouraging a visit on June 11 or 12 to one of six Epcon communities in the greater Columbus area.

This year’s Freedom Tour was marked by a strategic partnership with Honor Flight, Columbus,a non-profit organization dedicated to service of senior veterans. A portion of the proceeds from every home sold during the Freedom Tour was donated to Honor Flight.

Marketing initiatives such as these are part of Epcon’s strong belief in giving back to local communities and creating a regional presence. Epcon encourages its Franchise Builders to implement similar strategies as part of their business plans, and give back to local organizations whose values reflect the core principles of their own business. Honor Flight’s mission, to honor and aid senior veterans, was one such worthy candidate.

Trading “have-to” chores for “want-to” activities

The Freedom Tour is just one of many marketing strategies that Epcon implements regularly to invite potential homebuyers to tour Epcon communities, opportunities through which they can appreciate the capabilities of the 40th-largest home builder in the U.S. (Builder Magazine, May 2016) and the 22nd-largest privately owned homebuilding company in the country.

Epcon’s market research, which its Franchise Builders avail of, leads to copyrighted floor plans that are constantly tweaked according to evolving buyer preferences. Epcon offers low-maintenance, ranch-style homes that, according to internal market research, are exactly the kinds of homes that a key demographic segment, people aged 55+, are looking to buy. As per a Metrostudy report, these buyers also constitute the majority (52%) of new home buyers, so it helps to figure out what exactly they’re looking for in a new home.

The Freedom Tour highlighted how, in an Epcon community, the “have-tos” such as lawn mowing, leaf-raking, and snow removal are all taken care of so homeowners can take care of the “want-tos”: entertaining friends and family, or traveling.

Epcon patio
Epcon homes offer freedom from chores such as lawn care and exterior maintenance so homeowners can focus on the “want-tos” such as entertaining.

Essentially, Epcon homes free up residents to spend their time with friends, family and hobbies instead of chores. Epcon’s new American Porch collection also offers a porch at the front of the home, creating even more opportunities for neighbors to become friends.

Epcon homes offer attractive long-term benefits

While Epcon’s low-maintenance homes offer plenty of entertaining space and foster an active lifestyle, they’re also built for the long term keeping buyers’ evolving needs in mind. Epcon’s copyrighted open floor plans feature wider doorways and hallways, a wheelchair-friendly feature. Many are single-floor, ranch-style homes, with an owner’s suite that’s easy to access. A zero-step entrance allows wheelchair users to navigate the home without having to negotiate steps.

Epcon homes are built on copyrighted open floor plans that allow plenty of room for maneuverability and ready wheelchair access.
Epcon homes are built on copyrighted open floor plans that allow plenty of room for maneuverability and ready wheelchair access.

These accessibility features offer an additional kind of “freedom”: from worrying about having to move so Epcon homeowners can age in place. This is an especially important factor given that data from the AARP indicate that a significant percentage (71%) of Americans aged 50-64 want to stay in their own home and be with friends and neighbors as they age.

The freedoms that Epcon homes deliver are not applicable to one demographic segment. Research from the National Association of Home Builders indicates that about two-thirds of homebuyers – 64 percent – would prefer a single-story home, with millennials at 35 percent, Gen Xers at 49 percent, Baby Boomers at 75 percent and seniors at 88 percent.

How Epcon Franchise Builders can capitalize on market demand

Given the growing demand for such low-maintenance, ranch-style homes, there’s a market niche that’s waiting to be filled by capable homebuilders.

Epcon has 30 years of experience in the homebuilding business and 20 years in franchising and continually evaluates market trends so the homes they build are the ones consumers want to buy. Being an Epcon Franchise Builder allows builders of all sizes to utilize established market research and processes. What’s more the Epcon construction process promotes accelerated building and sell-through so valuable capital is not tied up in a project longer than necessary.

In this sense, Epcon confers Franchise Builders their own freedoms too — the freedom to focus on building following a tested recipe and the freedom to not worry about creating their own marketing strategy and business processes. Epcon homes offer both buyers and Franchise Builders the freedom to realize their aspirations in the most efficient way possible.

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