Texas Home Builder Signs With Epcon Franchising for New Austin Community

Husband and wife team have spent the last several years building two businesses

COLUMBUS, Ohio (March 25, 2022) – We’re pleased to announce the newest Epcon Franchise Builder of 2022 – TKTI LLC of the Austin area of Texas. This company is going to be led by husband and wife team Kim and Tim Frank, who have been successful in different industries.

Tim has construction experience from his time at Pulte and finance experience from his time as a fixed asset manager for large retail operations. Kim has experience in construction from her time as a Project Manager at Apple, where she was responsible for office buildings and retail outlets for that company, during which time she also earned an MBA from Purdue University. Together, they have spent the last several years building two businesses – one concentrating on house flipping in the hot Austin market, and another providing logistics delivery services with over 100 employees.

“We have been very impressed with how driven and bright Kim and Tim are, and they are excited to make an impact in their area with Epcon,” says Paul Hanson, president of Epcon Franchising. Welcome to the family, TKTI!