3 Often Overlooked Ways to Sell More New Homes by Creating a Better Sales Experience


To sell more homes, here are three factors to keep in mind.

Establishing a lasting homebuilding business is about more than just building and selling homes. You need to establish a brand identity and over time develop a healthy database of satisfied homeowners who are willing and eager to sing your praises to potential buyers. To do so, it helps to understand what exactly it takes to ensure a satisfying home buying experience, especially in today’s fickle market.

Epcon Franchise invests heavily in market research
Epcon homes appeal to the 55+ demographic and Epcon’s powerful sales and marketing teams provide ongoing support to Franchise Builders to help them through all stages of the sales and follow-up process.

The buyer’s journey

There are many stages in the new home buying process, all of which home builders would be well advised to pay attention to. These steps include:

  • Need. The buyer realizes the need for a new home.
  • Discovery and Consideration. The buyer explores and researches options: the right neighborhood, the right home size etc.
  • Purchase. The buyer makes a decision.
  • Anticipation. The buyer waits to take possession of the new home; this is when the house is built.
  • Possession. The buyer gets the keys and moves into the new home.
  • Post-possession. This period lasts for about a year, and it is when the buyer works with the builder to make any needed repairs.

Are you impressing buyers throughout the process?

Any successful businessperson understands the importance of marketing and sales. As any experienced home builder knows, once the sale is complete, the building process can be complicated. The reason some home builders enjoy high customer satisfaction and referrals is because they carefully manage the customer experience after the sale, to the point of delivery, and beyond.

Here are three ways homebuilders can work with home buyers during the crucial stages of the home buying process.

1. Alleviate Anxiety During Anticipation Phase

A home purchase is an enormous—and often emotional—purchase, which means a home builder’s reputation can be made or broken by how the buyer feels about the “anticipation” process and beyond.

Homebuyers during the anticipation phase can have many questions: Is it too late to make changes to layout? Will the open floor plan work for accessibility needs? What if I want to add an extra suite? Strong channels of communication between buyer and builder, specifying clear target dates for various deadlines, eliminates confusion and nips potential buyer’s remorse in the bud.

Epcon procedures and processes serve as guides by which to navigate this tricky process. Nationally recognized sales trainers advise Epcon Franchise Builders about strategies and checklists to help homebuyers during the anticipation phase. Regular communication about the building process also helps alleviate anxiety and instead builds a sense of excitement about the upcoming reveal.

2. Build Excitement About the Possession Stage

It’s been an exciting wait. Now it’s almost time for the buyer to take possession of the new home. Epcon Franchise Builders help buyers with the final closing and move-in process, which can be an emotional rollercoaster ride.  

Epcon Franchise Builder Paul Scarmazzi of Hawthorne Partners in Pittsburgh, PA, bakes Chocolate Paradiso Biscotti for his homebuyers to enjoy as they take possession of their new home. If baking skills are lackluster, every effort in recognizing the momentousness of this purchase and a lot of hand-holding will win homebuilders a lot of brownie points.

3. Follow-up During Post-Possession is Critical

Once homebuyers move in, follow-up for up to a year or more is critical to make sure that wrinkles, if any, are ironed out. It is not uncommon for buyers to change their mind on finishes or accommodations and the better homebuilders are equipped for such scenarios, the easier the process can be for everyone concerned.

Epcon Franchise Builders
Epcon Franchise Builders work with a patented quality control process. QualityMark, to ensure that homes pass the highest inspection standards.

Epcon Franchise Builders are provided with QualityMark, an exacting quality control process that inspects the home before closing and provides a list of any items that need correction or tweaking. This objective checklist reassures buyers that their needs will be met both before and after the closing process.

Epcon has 30 years of experience in homebuilding and 20 years in franchising and has perfected the homebuilding and selling process right from plot selection to all stages of the homebuying experience. Epcon Franchise builders leverage Epcon’s knowhow and lean on a vast sales and marketing network to supplement their strategies. This allows even smaller scale builders to participate in a booming market without heavily investing in crucial sales and marketing research.

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