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Think Bigger. Build Smarter. Scale Faster.

We’re different from other franchises because you keep the brand and processes you’ve built, but have the flexibility to tap into the plans, support and resources you need to build smarter, increase sales velocity and scale faster.

Epcon Franchising offers you an opportunity to differentiate and expand your brand by developing communities of single-family, low-maintenance homes that appeal to the 55+ home buyer. Our homebuilding franchise takes our proven processes and turned it into a business blueprint for you to own your local market.

Our home plans are the result of intensive research and development. Before creating our home plans, we asked potential buyers their most important wants and needs and included this wish list in the development process. This is how Epcon builds homes that appeal to the 55+ home buyer.

Another advantage of franchising your homebuilding business is the power of a national name. Epcon Franchising offers national sales and marketing support and established brand recognition that is impactful. Our builders gain an advantage from their association with our nationally respected brand.

Our Homes are Perfect in Today’s Marketplace

In today’s marketplace, there are 73 million1 Baby Boomers (b. 1946–1964). However, this large demographic is massively underserved when it comes to home buying options. The 55+ demographic is looking for new homes that offer amenities that appeal to their active lifestyle so that they can enjoy their life without having to worry about maintaining a lawn or cleaning extra bedrooms.

Since our beginning, we have always been focused on serving the 55+ buyer. Through years of research and a passion for great homebuilding, we have created communities that are ideal for this market today. Our research-backed home plans paired with the current marketplace allow Epcon Franchise Builders to develop their homes quickly and sell before they are even built.

Home Plans That are Popular with Buyers

What makes our homes so popular with the 55+ demographic? We offer what the 55+ home buyer wants; beautiful homes, a sense of community and property management. Our buyers don’t just want a house, they want a home. In most of our communities, we offer a central gathering place for parties, game nights or to relax by the pool. Additionally, our buyers are downsizing, and the last thing they want to do is clean out their gutters or mow their lawn. With our communities they can focus on what they want instead of tending to a lot of home maintenance.

Another reason our home plans are popular is the amount of personalization we offer in each home. In many Epcon communities, we offer over 200 upgrades, which lets each home buyer tailor their home to their liking. Upgrades include wood floors, tile floors, granite counter tops, upgraded appliances, added porches and more.

Helping You Reach Your Maximum Potential Through Unparalleled Support

At Epcon, we’re here to help you every step of the way from helping you find a location, to building and selling a thriving community. We offer you the financial, marketing and real estate expertise you need throughout the entirety of your business.

Being an Epcon home builder gives you the opportunity to work with our team of consultative experts and franchise builders who know the business inside and out and are vested in helping you succeed. We also have national vendor partners to provide you the supplies and materials you need to build fast and smart. Because of this, Epcon Franchise Builders build four times faster than the industry average for developments with more than 20 units2. You can rely on Epcon to help you navigate the complexity of developing planned communities that appeal to the 55+ home buyer. We are here to help every step of the way.

Do I Need Experience To Become an Epcon Franchise Builder

The great thing about becoming an Epcon Franchise Builder is that it does not require you to be an existing builder. We believe that anyone with a drive for developing communities and that has the sufficient capital to do so will be able to start a homebuilding business with the help of Epcon.

If you are a builder with no experience, there are many additional advantages to Epcon. First, we provide you with all the details you need to develop and build communities that home buyers will love. You won’t be steps behind, as you’ll have the research-driven plans and our expert knowledge behind you. We also offer the power of our nationally known name, which is helpful to builders just getting started.

Is Franchising Right for Me?

Do you find yourself now wondering if franchising is right for you? We’re here to help you figure it out because we want your decision to be made with 100% confidence.

Franchising helps you expand your brand while having all the tools and resources right at your fingertips. And there are many great advantages of being an Epcon Franchise Builder that you should consider when making the decision.

Becoming an Epcon Franchise Builder offers three main advantages that are important in helping you thrive: education, training and a national name.

Education. When you become an Epcon Franchise Builder you acquire all the knowledge of a top U.S. home builder. You’ll get the knowledge from a company that has been in the business for more than 30 years. You’ll receive data, existing plans and a set of systems and processes to help you generate more volume and make more money.

Training. Some great advantages of becoming an Epcon Franchise Builder are the tools and resources you’ll receive such as sales training and marketing materials. We have years of experience and know what works and what doesn’t. We want to share this with you so you can see future business growth.

National Name. Franchising offers an established brand recognition by having the Epcon name behind your brand that can be very powerful to a franchise builder. Epcon Franchise Builders gain an immediate advantage from their association with a highly respected and nationally known name. Additionally, this will help you compete effectively with national builders in your local market. When you become a part of Epcon, you get the advantages that national builders have while retaining your personal brand.

“We tried to develop a product on our own. We learned Epcon spent years on developing their systems and thought it would be well worth the effort to join a franchise rather than take years to fine-tune our process.” Scott Lehner, Perfection Builders, Wichita, Kansas.

There are a lot of factors to consider when thinking about becoming an Epcon Franchise Builder, but you don’t have to make the decision alone. It all comes down to if you’re looking for the independence of owning your own business but still want support from a well-established company.

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2 United States Census Report on Start to Completion Statistics

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