Build smarter and scale faster in the 55+ home building market.

Many home builders hit a brick wall in their businesses due to market conditions or operational obstacles. Epcon Franchising provides a business blueprint for builders to catch the wave and capitalize on a large and underserved segment of the new home market, allowing them to build more, smarter and faster.

The Opportunity

Even in today’s challenging housing market, 55+ housing has high demand for new homes and communities that meet buyer preferences.

Explore the Opportunity

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59% of all buyers over the age of 60 purchased a detached single-family home.

2023 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report, National Association of REALTORS®

People aged 55+ account for 67.9% of all wealth in the US., December 2022

How Epcon Supports Builders

Epcon offers a streamlined approach for managing the home building and land development process.

Land Acquisition & Development

Helps you identify and evaluate land deals that are the best fit in your market.

Sophisticated & Targeted Marketing

Reach potential home buyers with extensive marketing tools and resources, along with professional guidance.

Time-Tested Sales Model

Sell homes at scale before you build them with our pre-sales business model centered around a community launch strategy.

Real Estate Development & Home Building

Take your real estate development company to the next level – build with speed and quality at the same time – with the possibility to close 50 or more homes per year.

Purchasing & National Account Programs

Work alongside our experts to streamline your purchasing, and take advantage of our national accounts program.

The Epcon Story

For over 35 years, the Epcon name has been at the leading edge of the 55+ home building market.

Since its inception, Epcon builders have addressed the needs of the most underserved segment of the housing market – 55+ home buyers. As a result of decades of continued research and investment in the type of homes and communities that are popular with 55+ buyers, Epcon builders have built time-tested products in tight-knit communities across the country. Today, Epcon offers copyrighted designs and a streamlined approach for home builders to manage the home building and land development process for 55+ communities.


Epcon homes built since 1986


Communities across the country


Years building homes popular with the 55+ market

Pinnacle Properties, Domani Courtyards — Ames, IA

Franchise Builder Qualifications

Epcon chooses to work with the best of the best growth-oriented entrepreneurs.

Epcon Franchise Builders come from many backgrounds—from production and custom home builders to land developers and real estate investors. By joining the nationwide Epcon Franchise network, you don’t have to start from scratch to capitalize on the 55+ market opportunity. Here are some of the qualifications to become a Franchise Builder.


Most Epcon Franchise Builders have prior home building or real estate investment experience, but all have the desire to grow their businesses or diversify their portfolio.


Epcon Franchise Builders should have or have access to at least $500,000 USD / $750,000 CAD in liquid capital and $1,500,000 USD / $2,000,000 CAD net worth.


Epcon Franchise Builders will be evaluated for the suitability of their desired geographic market.

“First and foremost, starting an Epcon franchise and being a home builder gave me an opportunity to have my own business. I don’t work for anyone anymore, I work for myself. So it provided freedom and flexibility in my life, which is what I was looking for.”

EJ Sansone — Reisch Sansone Communities
St. Louis, MO

“It’s a big investment. Is it really going to pay off? There was a lot of back-and-forth on our part, of course, because we’ve already done this before. We’ve already been builders. We’ve already been developers. Do we really need to pay somebody to come do that for us? It’s definitely been worth it.”

Charlie Gechter — BOA Builders
Grand Junction, CO

“This is one of those five-star Yelp reviews that you can give for a company.”

Lloyd Pullappallil — ROC Homes
Houston, TX

“When the opportunity came up, it came across as a good culture fit and an opportunity to serve a piece of the community.”

Lori McNulty — LifeStyle Home Builders
Richmond, VA

“Quickly upon investigating everything Epcon had to offer, we decided it was a perfect complement to the business that we were doing already, and a great way to scale up our company as a whole.”

Kyle Kelly — Kelly Construction
Sioux City, IA

“I’ve been in the building industry for over 30 years. To see a company that paralleled a lot of our thoughts was very refreshing.”

Tyrone Leslie — Heritage Homes
Fargo, ND