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Scale Your Business and Accelerate Your Sales When You Become an Epcon Franchise Builder

Epcon is a homebuilding and land development franchise that helps you develop entire communities with unique homes that are popular with the most underserved market in the industry – the 55+ demographic. This demographic, primarily made up of Baby Boomers, is massively underserved and more ready than ever to downsize their homes and find a community that appeals to their active lifestyle.

Here are some fast facts about the Baby Boomer real estate housing market:

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Begin Your Journey in the 55+ Homebuilding Market

Whether you’re a builder, developer or investor now is the time to capitalize on this underserved demographic. By becoming an Epcon Franchise Builder, you can scale your business and accelerate your sales.

The main benefits of being an Epcon Franchise Builder are:

Copyrighted floor plans that are the result of millions of dollars in research and development.
When it comes to what’s popular with buyers, we’re not guessing. We’ve surveyed thousands of customers over the years to learn their preferences, and we’ve commissioned architects to deliver homes that offer what customers want.

Proven systems for residential production building.
We have worked with many small-volume home builders to help them scale up their operations and go from building and selling a handful of houses each year to selling tens or hundreds of homes.

Our systems reduce downtime, which make higher sales velocity possible. We provide:

  • Systems for construction project management that allow you to more accurately model labor and material needs and costs. This efficient process reduces downtime on job sites.
  • Marketing tools and resources that allow you to pre-sell homes before they are built, using virtual tours, professional photography and proven marketing materials.
  • Sales training that helps your team win over buyers.
  • Quality control systems that mean buyers are happy and provide great word-of-mouth.
  • A comprehensive approach to building an entire community that residents will love — and where buyers will want to live.

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Grow Your Business Your Way

Since our founding, Epcon and its franchise builders have developed more than 30,000 homes in 28 states. Each year, more builders are joining as they realize the massive potential in the 55+ market. We’re here to help you see the growth that we had by providing access to our proven Business Blueprint to help you solidify your place in your local market.

What is Epcon’s Business Blueprint? Show me.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It—Let Our Franchise Builders Tell You Why They Would Choose Us Again and Again

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