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Scale Your Business and Increase ROI by Building Homes for the 55+ Market

Economic conditions and changing demographics make now a perfect time for U.S. real estate investors to look for new opportunities. When considering new segments, the 55+ housing market represents a significant opportunity. This demographic is the largest and most underserved segment of buyers in the market today, making now the right time to develop communities to serve their needs. With a demand for low-maintenance, single family homes in the marketplace, you have an opportunity to scale fast and increase your ROI. Here’s why the 55+ market is an excellent segment to target:

    • There are approximately 73 million Baby Boomers (b. 1946–1964) in the U.S. and every day, about 10,000 turn 65. By 2030, the entire generation of Baby Boomers will be at least age 65.1
    • The 55+ housing market has shown year-over-year gains every year since 2012 and the demand is only growing.2
    • This segment is less dependent on financing than younger generations.
    • The 55+ demographic controls the majority of the nation’s home equity and accounts for trillions in income.3

Not only are there a lot of Baby Boomers, but they are also buying more homes as they start to retire and downsize. So whether you are looking to move away from commercial properties or are simply looking to diversify your portfolio, the 55+ housing market presents ample opportunity to accelerate your growth and capitalize on this underserved market.

There is also a lot of data that suggests the active adult market will be strong for years to come. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the total population of 55+ Americans is currently 100 million1, and The Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies projects there will be 132 million Americans 50 years and older by 2030.4 Not only is this demographic large, they are also motivated and willing to buy. With so many 55+ home buyers, now is a great time to get started developing, as demand is exceeding supply.

What Makes a Successful 55+ Community?

The needs of the 55+ demographic are unique. Home buyers in this segment are nearing retirement age and are getting ready to downsize. Because of this, they are looking for less square footage, fewer bedrooms and less maintenance. When deciding on buying a new house this demographic is motivated by home features, amenities and neighborhood location.

Home Features the 55+ Buyer Will Love

Home features and personalization are important to the 55+ home buyer. Since lifestyle is the focus of this demographic, it is important for them to spend time with friends, entertain and continue their hobbies and other leisure activities. Communities offering detached condominium or patio homes appeal to the 55+ buyer more than a multifamily condominium or apartment complex.

According to the National Association of Home Builders5, Baby Boomers prefer more open designs in new homes. Homes that combine the kitchen, dining room and living areas to lend a sense of openness, and allow plenty of natural light to flow in—like Epcon’s copyrighted floor plans—will be the most popular.

That same NAHB report points out that 83% of people in this generation would love a patio, and 81% of them would appreciate doorways that are at least three feet wide. Most Epcon homes have a private courtyard that can be viewed from the main rooms in the house, and they can be built with features of accessibility that support aging-in-place.

Sell Homes Faster with the Right List of Amenities

This segment of buyers is looking for a variety of amenities offered such as planned social events, a clubhouse or a pool. Communities may also provide exterior home maintenance like lawn care, snow removal and trash pickup. These are all important to a successful 55+ community as they facilitate the type of lifestyle that appeals to the demographic.

Location, Location, Location

Location is arguably the most crucial factor to the 55+ home buyer. In fact, 71% of adults from 50 to 64 years old say they want to be in close proximity to family and friends. Without a perfect location, the 55+ demographic will not care about your perfect home features or plentiful amenities. It has been said before, location is everything. Baby Boomers don’t want to live in remote areas and instead wish to be near shopping, restaurants, medical services and grocery stores.

How Epcon Meets These Needs

At Epcon, we have done extensive research to build home plans that meet the unique needs of the 55+ home buyer. We feel this is why we have seen such success in the market. Our home plans can offer desired amenities such as a clubhouse and a pool to facilitate a sense of community. We also provide a home with less than 3,000 square feet, a key criterion for 66.7% of Baby Boomers when purchasing a home. And lastly, we have done extensive research to ensure that our community locations meet the needs of the 55+ home buyer.

Becoming an Epcon Franchise Builder gives you access to our business blueprint and can help you thrive in the 55+ market. We know what it takes to build for this unique market.

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4 The Harvard University Joint Center for Housing
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