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The Process That Has Made Us a Top U.S. Home Builder for More Than 30 Years

Epcon Franchising gives builders access to our exclusive business blueprint. Since our founding, Epcon and our franchise builders have developed over 400 communities and built more than 30,000 homes in 28 states, and each year more and more home builders are joining. One thing our builders love is the exclusive access to our business blueprint. We share what’s made us successful in the homebuilding business to position you to own your local market and solidify your place as a respected, trusted brand.

What exactly is our business blueprint? It’s a detailed resource created by Epcon that documents the development and construction processes and operations you need to develop your homebuilding project. You’ll start out with detailed scopes of work and then receive benefits such as our expert guidance, prototype drawings, sample sites and more to help you build smarter and scale faster.

How it Works

What are the Benefits?

Every builder has the opportunity to tap into our knowledge, market research, network of builders and proven systems. Our blueprint can help you quickly and efficiently build communities that are popular with the 55+ demographic. Whether you are a new builder or one with years of experience, our business blueprint can provide valuable information. Our blueprint offers:

1. Extensive Knowledge of the 55+ Housing Market
Since our founding in 1986, we’ve been building homes and developing communities that are popular with the most underserved market in the industry. We know entering a new market can be intimidating as there are many factors to consider. However, with our extensive knowledge and information on the 55+ housing market you’ll be well prepared to enter the market with confidence.

2. Market Research
The 55+ demographic has their own unique needs and desires for their homes. Since every demographic is different, research is a necessary step of the process. However, completing your own research can be time consuming and not to mention expensive. A great benefit for you is that Epcon has already completed the research. Every Epcon Franchise Builder gains access to this data in the business blueprint so that you can build directly for the core buyers’ needs.

3. National Network of Epcon Franchise Builders
Entering a new market brings many challenges and can result in situations for which you are not prepared. With Epcon, you receive access to all of our franchise builders located across the United States. You can hear stories, share tips and learn how others dealt with challenges you may be facing. Talking with a builder like you can provide creative solutions to help you overcome roadblocks.

4. Floorplans, Systems and Resources
Our business blueprint gives you access to all the materials and resources you’ll need to build the homes that buyers will love. You’ll receive our market-tested floorplans, list of national vendor partners, marketing materials and sales training. We also include virtual tours to allow the potential buyer to see what your home looks like before it’s built. We provide webinars, research and updated materials throughout the year to keep you up-to-date on current trends and changes in the industry.

“One of the things that I love about it is that there has never been a time that I have reached out to Epcon that they haven’t been responsive. They were there for me and walked me through the process in every aspect that they can.”

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