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A Nationally Recognized Homebuilding Franchise

Epcon: A builder you can trust.

We’ve been building homes for over 30 years and have earned a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy. Epcon as earned its position as one of the largest U.S. builders of single-family lifestyle communities that appeal to the 55+ buyer. Our homebuilding franchise helps home builders quickly enter or scale their business in the 55+ homebuilding market.

Epcon Franchise Builders have access to the same homebuilding blueprint that has made Epcon Communitites a top U.S. home builder, year-after-year. This blueprint helps them to accelerate their growth and market their homes effectively.

Epcon co-founders, Ed Bacome and Phil Fankhauser, believe that great home design can improve lives and our customers have shared countless testimonials that tell us that Ed and Phil are right. Epcon’s home designs are market-researched, field-proven and time-tested to appeal to our core buyer.

We work with architects, nationwide, to develop floorplans with features like open entertainment space, outdoor living and space efficiency. Plus, all of our communities offer property management. Our exclusive designs appeal to the 55+ home buyer looking for a low-maintenance, carefree lifestyle without all the hassles of typical home ownership.

An open-concept living room with a view into the kitchen.

A Comprehensive Building Blueprint

Epcon Franchise Builders have access to a complete blueprint of plans, tools and processes to help accelerate sales, scale up production and gain a competitive edge over national builders in the 55+ market.

We help our franchise builders by:

    • Teaching the core strategies and processes for homebuilding, which enables builders to develop entire communities.
    • Delivering marketing tools and sales training that enables them to sell homes quickly and effectively.
    • Providing access to industry leaders and the deep industry knowledge of a national builder. We share our proprietary tools and methods with franchise builders to help them budget, measure costs and maintain margins.

We know that it’s important to be able to build and sell quickly. Our system teaches you how to build a home in as little as 110 days while maintaining exceptional quality and owner satisfaction. With full access to our proven business blueprint, you can think bigger, build smarter and scale faster to maximize ROI.

A Nationwide Community

Becoming an Epcon Franchise Builder not only gives you access to our expert team, proven plans, systems and processes, but you’ll also gain exclusive membership into a nationwide community of builders who collaborate and share ideas and strategies with each other that help their businesses grow.

Milwaukee franchise builder, John Wahlen, says that the support he gets from Epcon makes a big difference. One of the biggest things is the intranet. I can talk to other owners of franchises – our sales team can link into things that are happening around the country that are successful.”

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