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COVID-19 Helped Catapult the Real Estate Industry Technologically

Summer 2020: Some industries, like high-tech companies, advance quicker than others. But, for sectors like real estate and building, they are historically slow to change their way of doing business…read more

Texas Home Builder Signs with Epcon Franchising for New Houston Community

June 2020: Please join us in welcoming ROC Homes to the Epcon family as our newest franchise builder. ROC Homes is led by Eric and Shara Hymowitz of the Houston market…read more

Ohio Home Builder Signs with Epcon Franchising for New Cleveland Community

June 2020: We are pleased to welcome a new Franchise Builder to our network – Twentieth Century Construction in the Cleveland, Ohio market…read more

Texas Home Builder Signs with Epcon Franchising for New San Antonio Community

June 2020: Epcon Franchising introduces another new franchise builder group to our system, Thomas Group Development, LLC…read more

3 Actions to Take Now to Set Your Business Up for Growth Later

June 2020: During the COVID-19 pandemic, business has been slow in most industries. It’s tempting to focus on the short-term problems…read more

Epcon Franchising Adds Seven New Franchise Builders

COLUMBUS, Ohio (June 9, 2020) – Epcon Franchising has announced the addition of seven new Franchise Builders so far this year. The seven new Franchise Builders will build their first Epcon communities in six different states…read more

As Builders Shed Projects, Epcon Sees Opportunity

May 2020: Epcon Communities Franchising signed seven new franchisees this year, including five in the last month during COVID-19, by emphasizing the law of supply and demand…read more

Maryland Home Builder Signs with Epcon Franchising for New Baltimore Community

April 2020: Epcon Franchising is pleased to welcome another franchise builder to our family, in the Baltimore, Maryland market – Michael Withers of M.A. + Associates…read more

Iowa Home Builder Signs with Epcon Franchising for New Ames Community

April 2020: Keith Arneson of Pinnacle Properties in Ames, Iowa is the latest homebuilder to join the Epcon family…read more

Minnesota Home Builder Signs with Epcon Franchising for New Twin Cities Community

April 2020: We’re pleased to announce the addition of another franchise builder in the Twin Cities market to our national network of builders – Stuart Simek of Meridian Management, Inc…read more

Minnesota Home Builder Signs with Epcon Franchising for New Minneapolis Community

April 2020: Epcon Franchising is welcoming a new builder to our family, in the Twin Cities market of Minnesota – Butch Sprenger of Destiny Homes, Inc…read more

Coronavirus and Franchising Webinar: Rob Krohn of Epcon Franchising and Leah Seacrest of REGYMEN Fitness

April 2020: Nick Powills and Charles Internicola are joined by Epcon Franchising Vice President of Marketing Rob Krohn and REGYMEN Fitness Vice President of Fitness Leah Seacrest to discuss how the franchise industry is tackling the issues brought on by COVID-19…read more

Kansas Home Builder Signs with Epcon Franchising for New Kansas City Community

March 2020: Epcon Franchising will be expanding in the Kansas new home market through another great addition to the Epcon Communities family of franchise builders – Premium Builders of Kansas City…read more

4 Customer Service Tips for Homebuilders

March 2020: The customer experience is more important than ever in the homebuilding industry as a home remains one of the largest investments most people will make in their lifetime…read more

Epcon Franchising President Paul Hanson Named to Professional Builder’s 2020 40 Under 40 List

COLUMBUS, Ohio (March 6, 2020) – Epcon Communities Franchising President Paul Hanson was named to Professional Builder’s annual 40 Under 40 list of rising stars in the homebuilding industry this year…read more

Nebraska Home Builder Signs with Epcon Franchising for New Omaha Community

February 2020: Epcon Franchising will be entering the Nebraska new home market for the first time through another great addition to the Epcon Communities family of franchise builders – Legacy Homes of Omaha, Nebraska…read more

Tennessee Home Builder Signs with Epcon Franchising for New Communities

February 2020: Epcon Franchising is pleased to announce that Cook Bros. Homes has recently signed-on to be an Epcon Franchise Builder, and will build its first Epcon communities in Knoxville, Tennessee…read more

Epcon Franchising Reviews 2019 Growth, Announces 2020 Plans

COLUMBUS, Ohio (January 15, 2020) – Epcon Communities Franchising welcomed four new franchise builders, entered two new states and saw existing builders move forward on eleven new communities in 2019. For 2020, Epcon intends to recruit ten new builders and see existing builders identify and document fifteen new communities…read more

Epcon Plans to Double its Central Ohio Communities in 2020

November 2019: When the Treasury bond yield curve became inverted on Aug. 14, 2019, economists warned of a possible recession rolling in late in 2020. The news has since dropped off the front page, but the economic indicator is still there to see…read more

Epcon Franchise Builder Wins Best Community at Houston Prism Awards

November 2019: Woodfalls Development Group, an Epcon Franchise Builder located in Conroe, Texas, has recently taken home five awards at the Houston Prism Awards…read more

Charis Homes Leading the Way for Energy Efficient Homes

November 2019: In 2019, for the second year in a row, Charis Homes has won the EPA’s Indoor airPLUS Leader Award for the indoor air quality features they use in their homes…read more

North Dakota Home Builder Signs with Epcon Franchising for New Community

COLUMBUS, Ohio (October 7, 2019) – Epcon Franchising recently announced that Heritage Homes will build its first Epcon community in West Fargo, North Dakota…read more

Epcon Franchise Builder Discusses Best Practices for High Performance Homebuilding

October 2019: As California builders gear up for the changes in Title 24, builders across the country can improve the efficiency and performance of their builds with these strategies…read more

Epcon Franchising Announces Key New Additions to Franchise Builder Support Team

COLUMBUS, Ohio (September 13, 2019) Epcon Franchising announced today that it has recently made key additions to support the franchise builder experience. Epcon welcomes Steve Peck, Project Consultant, and Caitlin Schrimpf, Administration Coordinator…read more

Differentiate by Demographic

September 2019: As the housing market continues to see robust growth, national builders are expanding. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the top 10 publicly-traded builders accounted for nearly 30 percent of the nation’s housing starts in 2016…read more

Marketing Resources Your Franchise Will Use

August 2019: If you are going to provide marketing support for your franchisees, and you should, it’s important to make sure franchisees actually use the materials you create…read more

Honda Engineer Signs with Epcon Franchising to Start Second Career as a Homebuilder

COLUMBUS, Ohio (July 23, 2019) – Epcon Franchising recently announced that Alloway Real Estate Holdings will build its first Epcon Community in Marysville, Ohio…read more

4 Fresh Marketing Tips for Construction Business Owners

June 2019: While many of the fundamentals of marketing are the same for construction companies and businesses in other industries, marketing a construction business requires some specific expertise…read more

Epcon Announces Addition to Franchise Development Team

COLUMBUS, Ohio (May 29, 2019) – Epcon announced today the addition of a new Business Development Manager to spearhead franchise development for Epcon Communities. Jay Leath will lead the southern region…read more

Colorado Home Builder Signs with Epcon Franchising for New Community

COLUMBUS, Ohio (March 11, 2019) – Epcon Franchising (Epcon) announced recently that Eastman Properties will build their first Epcon franchise community in northern Colorado in the city of Fort Lupton…read more

Builder 100 Spotlight: Epcon Finds Success Through Franchising

February 2019: Ed Bacome and Phil Fankhauser parlayed their home building expertise into a successful franchising operation when they teamed up to form Epcon Communities in Dublin, Ohio, in 1986…read more

10 Solid Marketing Tips for Your Contracting Business

January 2019: Marketing plays a central role for contractors looking to grab a piece of what was a projected 338.6 billion U.S. dollar industry last year alone…read more

Epcon Franchising Announces 2019 Growth Plans

COLUMBUS, Ohio (January 22, 2019) – Epcon announced today that it has signed nine new franchise builders in the last two years, compared to four in 2015 and 2016. Epcon also signed 13 new market area agreements in 2018, which nets 1,275 new units into the market…read more

Making the Most of a Seasonal Franchise Business

December 2018: Experts, like Rob Krohn, Vice President of Marketing at Epcon Franchising, provide advice for franchisees of seasonal businesses on marketing strategy and when to consider diversifying their portfolios to make the most of the off season…read more

Epcon Announces Key Leadership Changes to Franchising

COLUMBUS, Ohio (November 27, 2018) – Epcon announced today that it has appointed Paul Hanson president of Epcon Franchising and Tim Rini as vice president of product development for Epcon Communities…read more

3 Ways for Small Businesses to Compete More Effectively with National Brands

November 2018: It can be difficult for small businesses in any industry to compete against national brands that have name recognition, deep pockets, and finely tuned processes…read more

Buyers Now Expect Garages to be a Livable Part of the Home

October 2018: “A few years ago we designed a smaller, intentionally more affordable home for our 55+ buyers, and provided them with a standard one-car garage, with the option to upgrade to a two-car model. I can tell you that I don’t think we sold a single one-car garage,” says Tim Rini, vice president of franchising at Epcon…read more

Epcon Franchise Builder Helps to Renovate Women’s Shelter Near Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (September 24, 2018) – When Lisa Scarmazzi saw that her industry expertise could help homeless women and children, this Epcon franchise builder stepped up and helped to renovate a women’s shelter near Pittsburgh…read more

Top 200 National Homebuilder Signs with Epcon Franchising

COLUMBUS, Ohio (April 5, 2018) –  Epcon Franchising (Epcon) announced today that Traton Homes, a top 200 national homebuilder as recognized by BUILDER Magazine, will build its first Epcon community in Carrollton, Georgia…read more

New Epcon Communities Website Uses Virtual Tours, Videos, to Engage 55+ Homebuyers

COLUMBUS, Ohio (March 13, 2018) – Epcon Communities today announced the launch of a new website to attract potential homebuyers and encourage them to engage, explore and purchase a home in one of its 100+ communities throughout the United States…read more


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