Meet Bruce Carrell: Epcon Franchise Builder in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Bruce Carrell, owner of Carrell Group, is a third-generation builder with a rich history in the home building industry. As an Epcon Franchise Builder, his team brings luxury single-level homes to the Myrtle Beach area. 

A Legacy of Building

Bruce’s career in the building business began in 1987, following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father. “I moved to Myrtle Beach in the mid-’80s and started custom-building. We’ve built over 1,000 homes in that market since then,” Bruce shares. This extensive experience laid a solid foundation for his venture into the Epcon world.

Bruce’s introduction to Epcon Franchising was swift and decisive. In late 2020, he was contacted by Epcon and recognized the opportunity it presented. “I did some quick research, visited some communities and talked to Franchise Builders. It was a very easy decision for me,” Bruce recalls. The structured support and proven system of Epcon aligned perfectly with his long-standing desire to undertake his own developments.

Despite his venture with Epcon, Bruce continues to maintain a robust custom home building portfolio. “We are at the busiest point we’ve ever been in 35 years, with over 50 homes in our pipeline,” he notes. Bruce plans to create a separate division for his Epcon projects, ensuring that both his custom-building and production goals are met without compromising on quality or resources.

Challenges and Solutions

Like many home builders, Bruce has faced supply chain issues and labor shortages. “We proactively order materials to ensure timely deliveries,” he explains. His established relationships with loyal subcontractors have been crucial in managing labor pressures. The support from Epcon has also been instrumental in navigating these challenges, providing Bruce with the resources and guidance needed to keep his projects on track.

Bruce’s experience with Epcon has been overwhelmingly positive. “There hasn’t been anything about this decision that I’ve second-guessed,” he says. From the initial franchise agreement to breaking ground on his first project, the support from Epcon has been unwavering. The guidance on land acquisition and project planning has been particularly valuable, helping Bruce expedite his entry into the market.

Advice for Franchise Builders

When asked about his advice for new Epcon Franchise Builders, Bruce emphasized the importance of leveraging the support system within Epcon. “Finding the right land is key, and the support from Epcon in understanding what makes a good site has been crucial,” he advises. Bruce also underscores the value of sticking to Epcon’s proven processes. “Why invest in a franchise if you’re not going to follow the recipe that’s already been proven to work?” he points out.

Bruce remains excited about the future with Epcon. “Having a good set of home products to offer and using the tools and people there to support you has affirmed everything I thought it would be,” he concludes. 

To learn more about Bruce’s story, visit his Builder page or watch Bringing Epcon Homes to the Beach.

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