Florida Home Builder Signs With Epcon Franchising for New Orlando Community

Epcon Franchise Builders now in central Florida are home builders from Brazil

COLUMBUS, Ohio (September 24, 2021) – Victoria Quality Homes LLC of Central Florida is the newest Epcon Franchise Builder of 2021.

Victoria Quality Homes is comprised of Edson Pagotto, Rodrigo Almeida and Flavia Almeida – all of whom are originally from Brazil and now reside in Florida. Edson and Rodrigo have been successful entrepreneurs in both North and South America, and Rodrigo has been building hundreds of multi-family units each year for several years in areas north of Rio de Janeiro. Edson is a civil engineer by trade and also owns a successful business services company in South Florida.

“They will be focusing on the booming Orlando market initially, and have secured an initial market area that touches parts of Orange, Polk and Osceola counties on the southwest side of town,” says Paul Hanson, president of Epcon Franchising. He added, “We are so lucky to have them on board.”