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A Nationally Recognized Homebuilding Franchise
Posted Sep 13th, 2016

Epcon Franchising Receives National Press

Coverage in industry trade magazines extols Epcon’s proven processes for Franchise Builders.

Epcon Communities Franchising Inc., the 40th largest home builder and the 22nd largest private home builder in the United States, continues to receive national attention for its communities that are popular with the 55+ demographic, with press coverage in Franchising Today, Construction Today and Modern Home Builder.

Epcon homes deliver an appealing lifestyle

Franchising Today, a resource for the franchising industry, states Epcon as delivering “lifestage buyers with a comfortable lifestyle.” These “lifestage buyers” are often people in the 55+ age demographic; empty nesters who are looking to downsize and focus on an active lifestyle. Epcon’s ranch-style homes, built following copyrighted floor plans, allow residents to do just that. Basic maintenance such as lawn care, raking and snow removal are taken care of, typically by a homeowners association on site.

Epcon Interior
Epcon’s ranch-style homes with open floor plans appeal to the 55+ demographic and cater to their desire for an active lifestyle free from routine home maintenance chores.

“Many people have reached the point in their lives where they’re ready to lock their homes and leave,” Tim Rini, Vice President of Epcon Franchising, said in the article. “They don’t want to come home and have a bunch of chores to do. They’re most interested in going out with their friends, traveling or entertaining in their new home.”

Tim Rini, Vice President, Epcon Franchising
Tim Rini, Vice President, Epcon Franchising

Two additional factors point to an increased demand for Epcon homes: As per a Metrostudy report, 55+ buyers represent the majority of new home buyers. Second, according to U.S. census data, the 65+ demographic is the fastest growing in the country. The share of older households in the United States is expected to increase from 16 percent in 2015 to about 21 percent in 2025. This points to a continued demand for Epcon-style homes for years to come.

How Franchise Builders leverage Epcon’s experience

Epcon has 30 years of experience in homebuilding and 20 years of experience in franchising. Epcon Franchise Builders leverage this know-how by developing communities that use proven plans, and sell those communities using proven marketing methods. This enables small volume homebuilders to develop into larger regional players if that is something they are looking to accomplish for their business.

Proven designs. Epcon’s copyrighted floor plans are a product of extensive market research and are constantly tweaked according to buyer demand. An extensive marketing platform provides ready-to-use promotional materials, renderings and images of floor plans to help in the pre-sale phase of a community.

Epcon Building
Epcon Franchise Builders stick to a proven recipe, following copyrighted floor plans to develop entire communities quickly.

Training and support. Equally important, Epcon invests heavily in training and support. “We bring in nationally recognized new homes sales trainers,” Rini said in the Franchising Today article. “Our in-house vice president of marketing and sales also does quite a bit of training and coaching for our Franchise Builders.” Epcon also brings in “building scientists to meet with the Franchise Builders and owners to coach them on effective and practical ways to construct a home,” Rini said. This is training that small volume home builders often can’t afford on their own.

In addition to providing insights from industry experts, Epcon hosts monthly webinars in which Franchise Builders from across the country discuss business updates and share challenges, solutions, and best practices. By comparing notes, they are able to strengthen each other’s businesses.

A head start in a hot market

Now’s the time for agile Franchise Builders to explore an under-tapped market with plenty of potential and proven systems to make access easier. Since Epcon Franchise Builders are starting with a wealth of time-tested resources and processes, they can develop entire communities in a shorter amount of time resulting in an accelerated return on their investment, freeing up precious liquid capital for reinvestment.

“You find out pretty quickly that the recipe that you’re buying into works,” says Craig Crossley, a veteran Epcon Franchise Builder. “To copy something that works takes away a lot of the risk associated with homebuilding. Equally important, it’s a formula that works as well today as it did twenty years ago.”

Investigate the Epcon franchise opportunity

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