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Case Study: Mayors have found Epcon Communities to be great solutions for their towns

Epcon Communities are popular with the 55+ demographic, a vital base for towns and cities There are many reasons why elected officials like John Aneralla love to attract the 55+ demographic to town. The mayor of Huntersville, North Carolina, will remind you that these residents

Three ways home builders can make their business less of a gamble

Three lessons that can help reduce the possibility of risk and increase the potential of payoff. Build it and they will come. This mantra forms the essential backbone of the residential homebuilding industry. Home builders scope out a plot of “dirt,” build the homes that

Case Study: Women in Homebuilding

Women Epcon Franchise Builders Have Leveraged Company’s Strengths to Develop Formidable Businesses Lisa Scarmazzi Principals, Hawthorne Partners Franchise Builders since 1999 Epcon Homes built: 414 Epcon Communities Completed: 9 Sherri Meyer Property Group One Ltd. Franchise Builders since 1996 Epcon Homes built: 500 Epcon Communities

Increasing Number of Households, Good News for Epcon Franchise Builders

Epcon’s low-maintenance, ranch-style homes meet growing demand. “Growth in the nation’s adult population will drive significant household growth over the next decade and beyond,” according to the State of Housing: 2016 report by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, which says the

A look at the growth of the 65+ home buying segment

As the U.S. population continues to age, there will be a demand for homes that are popular with this growing population. If you’re a residential home builder, here are four key areas to keep an eye on in the 65+ age demographic: A sharp rise

Case Study: Epcon’s Systems and Processes Lend Structure in “Wild West” Business

It might be tempting to credit the Scarmazzis’ success to the Chocolate Paradiso biscotti that Paul loves to bake for his customers. Or the warm hugs his wife, Lisa, likes to share. But really, it’s the Epcon homes that anchor their portfolio that has made them accomplished regional homebuilders, the husband-wife team says.

Epcon Communities ‘Freedom Tour’ raises money for veterans

Partnership with Columbus Honor Flight raises money for veterans while promoting low-maintenance aspect of Epcon homes. Emphasizing the easy living component of its ranch-style homes, Epcon Communities launched its second annual “Freedom Tour” marketing campaign with a series of television ads and postcards encouraging a

Accessible home plans: Major buyer concern, big Epcon strength

Epcon’s ranch-style homes use open floor plans to anticipate buyers’ long-term needs. Brock Fankhauser, Principal of NewStyle Communities, an Epcon Franchise Builder, will tell you: Epcon homes have dozens of desirable features but one of the most sought-after for many is the accessibility that the

Infographic: 5 Key Numbers about Epcon

5 quick facts for home builders looking for ways to scale up their sales potential Home builders who want to grow their operations should consider the dominant role that older buyers play in today’s real estate market. Metro Study estimates that 52% of all new

Epcon plans for expansion in 2016, through mix of corporate and Franchise Builder communities

Pre-sales events and desirable ranch-style homes galvanize growth across wide swath of states Epcon, the 38th-largest home builder in the U.S. (Builder Magazine, May 2015) and the 19th-largest privately owned homebuilding company in the country, is expanding briskly in 2016 both through home sales in newly