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Epcon Home Building Franchise Hands Out Awards, and Effusive Homeowner Steals the Show

Franchise Builders and their sales teams receive awards, and homeowner gives a huge “thank you” during Epcon home building franchise’s annual conference.

Epcon Home Building Franchise Review: Q&A with Terry Neer

Terry Neer and his brother, Larry, took their twin sets of skills and invested in an Epcon home building franchise to stake a very lucrative claim in building homes popular with people over 55 in Indianapolis.

How Columbus Became a Fountainhead for Home Builder Opportunities Nationwide

The Epcon home building franchise has become one of the nation’s largest home builders by meeting the needs of active adults — and by embracing entrepreneurs.

Epcon Franchise’s Core Customers Drive the Housing Market

Epcon Communities Franchising has become one of America’s largest home builders by developing communities popular with 55+ buyers — the group that is expected to dominate home buying for the next five years or more.

How Does the Epcon Home Building Franchise Support Its Owners?

Epcon homebuilding provides training in sales, marketing, construction, legal and finance to help franchise owners build their business.

5 Fast Facts to Know About the Epcon Home Building Franchise Opportunity

5 Fast Facts About the Opportunities that are Afforded Potential Epcon Franchise Home Builders.

Welcome to the New Epcon Communities Franchising Inc. Website

Epcon home building franchise launches website to explain business opportunity driven by retiring Baby Boomers.

Why is the Epcon Home Building Franchise Perfectly Positioned for Today’s Housing Market? CNBC Explains

CNBC article talks of housing shortage for retirees and how smart builders are taking notice.

Columbus CEO Magazine Shines Light on Epcon Communities Franchising

Columbus CEO magazine shines light on the successes of Epcon Communities Franchising in talking with the company’s thought leaders.

New Home Sales to 55+ Buyers Leading Market Recovery

As they are entering or nearing retirement, Baby Boomers are looking for a lifestyle change. With more financial security than younger generations, they also have the ability to purchase the home they want.